Closed Caskets 💣

Damn Kay thank you baby for waking me up when I first got to job corps I had goals that nobody could change its just when I got here it was so many opportunities …. Advance Training, Military, college, or just a job … And the path I was taking I was taking it for granted… I never felt a love like this … I don’t think you know this but you snapped on me at the perfect time everyday for this past week I was getting worse and worse first I wasn’t listening to teachers, administrators, and even the guy that run this shit .. Then I was starting beef… Then I got in a fight… Bae I was tripping and I know deep down you felt that vibe… That’s why you said I’m acting like a damn boy … Lol ima be honest I downloaded that song because I just felt guilty K Michelle hit everything on the head … My biggest problem was I ain’t know how to love … I just thought you would know my love was real if I would fight for you … But all this time I was fighting in the wrong way smh and now that I think about it that shit don’t make me “Real” that shit make me real fucking stupid … And like I said baby I really mean what I said … I’ll do anything to keep you around (I’m sorry I ain’t finna be like Samandre is with keke cause ion love like that) but trust me, you don’t like that shit how I act ignorant and no motivation baby ima get back on my shit I was on when you first loved me or when you started liking me … Trust me baby if you ain’t in love with me now I swear ima make you really fall in love… Baby I’m so sorry it took me almost loosing you to really realize how I was slacking but at the same time thank you for that… Like you actually challenge me, and I love how you would straight drop my ass if you feel like I’m holding you back because everything you snap about is just you preparing me to be the man you know I’m capable of being and I wanna be that man 👪 baby starting now I got short term and long term goals and here they are:

Short term
-Get a job
-Drivers license
-Get that Penn Foster diploma
-Pass my ASVAB test
And I’m 💯 Percent that’s enough for my dad to trust me with a car

Long term

Plan A : Graduate; then get in the police or fire department through my step mom and just keep moving up from there 💸

Plan B: Go to the military, let them pay for college, Then become a firefighter through that

Plan C: Go to college through jobcorps, play basketball and see where that takes me

Baby I don’t know what ima do but just know my main goal is I’m going to take care of you I know what you deserve baby you’re one of a kind I’ll never find another girl like you … All I want is you so if there is a girl that comes close I still don’t want them I only want you Kashauna McCullum I love you girl I’m blessed to have a girl like you and ima try my hardest to return the favor and once again thank you for putting me back on track